About Us

Millennial Parents seek Sports to gain physical literacy and overall well being for their kids. On the other hand, Sports Academies growing faster to match the demand and striving hard to produce the next champion.

But the problem is most academies still relying on paper or excel to manage payments and performance data. They spend long hours to keep the updated records and yet failing to keep accurate data.

We believe technology can close the gap between administration, communication, and performance. We envisioned a system that can manage all the data in one place to inform, educate, analyze and guide them for future performance.

Our Values


To be the leading technology provider for sports academies.


Perfecting the art of building technology tools that can work at every level of the sports academies to drive profit and performance.


Stay Grounded, Stay Curious, Stay Teachable and Stay Customer Obsessed.

Put simply, Its a connected ecosystem

  • To Structure and Automate Administrative Tasks
  • Drive Data Insights on Player’s Performance
  • Drive Profits with New Growth

Today, we support Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Skating and Basketball academies.